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What is a Domain Transfer?

Domain transfer means you can change the domain registrar. After you transfer your domain to a new registrar the new registrar will maintain all information regarding the domain and registrant. Domain Transfer can only be made if you have registered with the previous registrar for a minimum of 60 days or more.

Why should I need to wait 60 days to transfer my domain?

As per agreement with ICANN (Internet Corporate for Assigned Names and Numbers), all domain registrars require to lock the domain for the first 60 days after registration or transfer.

How to Transfer your domain to DoctorHoster?

Domain transfers process initiation only takes 10 minutes and the process will be completed up to 10 days maximum. The exact timeframe varies on the domain’s TLD, and the time needed for your current registrar to complete the process.

What is needed to transfer a domain name?

Auth-Code requires from your current registrar, which is also called EPP code as well you must ask your registrar to unlock the domain transfer. After that, auth-code you need to provide DoctorHoster and complete the payment process. After your payment confirmation, your domain transfer procedure starts immediately.

Does it cost to transfer a domain name?

There are not any additional charges to transfer your domain name to DoctorHoster. You will charge normal domain charges which include domain renewal as well. Moreover, you may view some hosting packages, you can freely transfer your domain if you take any Webhosting package from us.

Does transferring my domain name affect my email?

If you are using a third-party Webhosting service and email, then it will not affect by domain name transfer, just make sure your domain name servers update my new registrar.

Can I keep my domain name with the current registrar when I need to change a hosting service?

Yes, you can keep your domain name with the current registrar if you want to keep it, just simply change the domain name servers to point to the new WebHost servers.

Will my website go down during a domain transfer?

No, the domain transfer procedure does not have any downtime on your website. But, if you did not update your name servers, then u can face a downtime issue. So, make sure, your domain name servers properly updated with us.

How can I transfer my domain without interruption to my email or website?

You may follow the below steps:

  1. Complete your Transfer order.
  2. Make a payment.
  3. Make sure, you have provided the correct domain name servers (DNS) if your hosting with a third party.
  4. Your domain transfer initiates immediately and will transfer to us within 10 days maximum.

Why do domain transfers take so long?

Most of the time it takes only 3 to 4 days, but its totally depending on your current registrar how much time he will take.

Why can't I transfer my domain?

The most common reason is that your domain status is locked. So, make sure with your current registrar to unlock your domain before making a transfer request.

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